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Test Site

Our first test site is being built at the intersection of 84th Street and Nebraska Highway 2, in Lincoln NE. The wind turbine Bergey XL1.0 has been installed beside the traffic pole. The system includes a wind generator and control system, and a battery bank and control system. Solar panels will be added on in future. The power generation system provides electricity to the traffic control systems at the intersection and charges the battery bank. Now the power consumption at this site is about 275 kilowatt-hours per month. The system is connected to the utility grid, and excess energy will be sold to the local utility agent Lincoln Electricity Systems (LES). Now the system is still in test.

The 418 signalized traffic intersections in the City of Lincoln consume about approx 92,464 kilowatt-hours per month, which is purchased from LES at the rate of $0.06222 per kilowatt-hours. The electricity bill makes up approx 5% of the city’s traffic operating budget. The average annual power consumption at one intersection is about 2,654.5 kilowatt-hours in Lincoln. Based on this average number and the Lincoln local electricity rate, if all the 300,000 signalized intersections in United States are powered by renewable energy, $49,548,897 can be saved every year.

The Following slide show consists of a series of seven photographs depicting the test site at 84th and Highway 2 in Lincoln, NE.

Test site on 84th St. & Nebraska Highway