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Reduction in Traffic Operation

Hybrid power for traffic control systems

“Change the role of the public right-of-way from an energy consumer to an energy producer”

  • It is an innovative concept to use the public right-of-way and roadway infrastructure for renewable energy production and distribution. The energy-plus roadways will dramatically change the role of the public right-of-way from an energy consumer to an energy producer.
  • We perform a thorough investigation on structural characteristics of traffic poles, and existing roadway electrical and communication infrastructures. The system design is based on utilizing existing public right-of-way and roadway infrastructure. The hybrid generation unit will first meet the local power demand. This will significantly reduce the energy losses associated with power distribution and eliminate the need for investment in major new power distribution corridors. It also help to keep the landscape clear without extra power transmission lines and relay stations.

With the hybrid unit to power our traffic control systems, it will significantly reduce the overall power needed to operate and maintain the roadway systems, and consequently reduce the traffic operating costs. The excess power generated by renewable energy systems will generate revenues for the Highway Trust Fund. The promotion of the project will as help to create a green roadway system.

  • The Energy-Plus Roadway project will also initiate the need for co-design and optimization for future electric power and transportation systems. Looking at national electric power and transportation systems from a systematic view, it will lead to a more cost-effective, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure.

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