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Energy Consumption in Transportation

From lighting and heating at home to driving to work, we use energy every day. The U.S Department of Energy divides energy users into three groups: residential and commercial, industrial, and transportation. Te average American uses about as much energy as is stored in 7 gallons of gasoline every day. Transportation sector consumes 29% of total energy consumption, and only 3% of this energy consumed in transportation sector is from renewable energy source.

This pie chart depicts the percent of energy consumption by type of end user for the year 2009:
Industrial = 30%
Transportation = 29%
Residential = 22%
Commercial = 19%
(Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration)
This pie chart depicts the percent of U.S. energy consumption by energy source for the year 2009:
Petroleum = 37%
Natural Gas = 25%
Coal = 21%
Nuclear Electric Power = 9%
Renewable Energy = 8%
The Renewable Energy category is broken down further as follows:
Hydropower = 35%
Wood = 24%
Biofuels = 20%
Wind = 9%
Biomass waste = 6%
Geothermal = 5%
Solar = 1%

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